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“Supporting CSOs fighting against cancer”
ECPC (The European Commission with the support of the European Cancer Patient Coalition)
26 May 2011 Brussel Belgium

“Patient-to-Patient as Proactive People in supporting the Partnerships Against Cancer”

According to the cancer report published in 2003 by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that the rate of cancer patients in developing countries including Turkey will increase 50 percent by 2020.

If necessary measures in the fight against cancer – is a rampant disease - are not fully implemented, it is highly probable that the rate of cancer patients will rise further. Today, in case of a strong fight against cancer, a 20 percent decrease in cancer diagnosis is estimated.

Achieving great success in the fight against cancer, the medical world is the best and the most indispensable hope for cancer patients and it has no alternative in terms of these patients.

The medical world is putting much effort to overcome cancer. On the other hand, “fighting against cancer” is very complicated issue including such as social, cultural and economic components. Except the area determined by the medical world, we can handle the subject under four (4) main axes;

1. Pre – Cancer ( Awareness and Protection)

Ensuring an effective education environment for children, youngsters and families and giving informative and accurate information to them are very crucial in terms of the prevention of cancer. In this manner, decrease in the rate of cancer will be possible.

2. Early Diagnosis

Raising awareness between children, youngsters and families will also be important in achieving early diagnosis. This step is the easiest way to overcome cancer.

3. Stage of Disease

It is necessary to tackle the issue within the scope of a social area in order to be able to create new support areas for the medical world and cancer patients to fight against with the disease. If the patients are involved in various activities, it will also be important in terms of both integrating them into society and ensuring high motivation. In this regard, activities to be carried out on the issue should be comprehensive for all segments of society.

4. International Scale

The medical world works on the issue of fighting against cancer at the international cooperation level. These international works should also be integrated into the social areas for which non – governmental organizations struggle effectively. In this sense, important tasks for non – governmental organizations (NGOs) exist. If NGOs undertakes much responsibilities and benefits from international experiences, the area of fighting against cancer will be widened and strengthened.

Global Action Against Cancer

According to the data of World Health Organization;If we do not act, 10 million people might die due to cancer in 2020 !

2 million people’s lives in 2020, 6.5 million people’s lives in 2040 can be saved if we act now!

These data of the World Health Organization should be read well and each country should intrepret the data as their own situations.

Fight against cancer is a major health problem which the government, scientists, private sector and civil society organizations, a subject dealt with an approach that should not receive disconnected from each other and threatening the future of the world and constantly on the agenda should remain. It is a social problem.

Our main goals protect children and young people who are source of society against cancer and speak in advocacy for patients as Young Accumulation Association. Cancer is a very dangerous health problem and early diagnosis facilitates cancer therapy. For this reason, getting anti-cancer families, children and young people inform is very important in terms of disease prevention and early diagnosis.

Cancer having psycho-social and economic aspects is a the multi-faceted public health problem. For this reason, making families, youth and non-govermental organizations take part in the process of fighting cancer actively expand the field to fight cancer, strengthens and contributes to the work done in the creation of a social consciousness.

It is critically important to share experiences and best examples in international and national level in the field of cancer that knows no bound. Lived experience of a country in the field of cancer may be a guide for other countries.

We endeavor to base our work in this axis as an association and we try to take place in every platform as much as we can related to cancer.


The Ministry of Health has made great strides in order to include non-govermental organizations in the fight against cancer in recent years.A workshop was held titled "Hand in Hand with Cancer War" by Department of Cancer and Hope in Health Foundation in Ankara on 6-7 June 2008. The workshop held to ensure cooperation and coordination among non-governmental organizations in fight was very successful.

It was decided to move in coordination and together in fight cancer in the workshop. "Hand in Hand Against Cancer Federation" was established with the participation of non-govermental organizations who struggle with cancer on February 24, 2010 because of revealing a clear result.

The aim of the Federation against cancer is public awareness, developing awareness and sensitivity. Providing cooperation between goverment and non-govermental organisations composes the objectives of the federation by working effectively to ensure "Human-oriented" policies in cancer prevention, scintigraphy, early diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment follow-up issues.

21 non-governmental organizations are members of ’Hand in Hand Against Cancer Federation’ from different regions of Turkey today. I am second Chairman of federation.

Now, I will try to tell a short story of mine who is from the situation of fighting against cancer hopelessly in youth years to how to be second chairman of ’Hand in Hand Against Cancer Federation’.

Approximately 10 years ago, I caught a cancer which is called as soft tissue and cheomotherapy treatment and radiotherapy was applied through a long time. At the end of these therapies, if I beat the cancer, I can share my experiences which I gain by being a patient, a father and an individual, with cancer patients and I planned to study on creation of course of action in Turkey.

I understood that even a little support might be vitally important for human life when people hold on their lives in their most difficult times. Owing to this reason, when I beat cancer, I did not stop as I thought that I need to support other patients of cancer.

Mus is the city in the east of the Turkey where I live in. In terms of economic indicators, Mus takes place in the lower status in Turkey. First of all, we began to our studies by establishing “Cancer Patients Aid Association and Love”. Then, on the subject of struggling of cancer, we established “Youth Accumulation Association” for the young society and children which is aimed of enriching their social and cultural lives. Through the two associations, until 2004 up to now we achieved lots of studying.

I want to give you some of them as an example:

International Oncology Days

We organized International Days of Oncology first in 2007 in Mus, as an association we about the protection of children and young people against cancer is one of the most important international work. Government agencies, scientists, civil society organizations, international organizations, youth centers and youth society organizations, each year with a diffrent theme, we organized the International Days of Oncology, good examples and experiences were shared in the international arena, a discussion of developments in the fight against cancer Platform is feature. International Oncology Days in 2012 will organize the fifth "Environment and Cancer," will perform on the theme.

Mobile Mammography Project
In recent years, in Mus and cities around Mus, increase in the number of cancer patients, protection and early detection of cancer revealed that we need to work harder. Embassy of Japan emerging as a result of this urgent need, and Novartis applied to the Oncology Program Development of the project we have implemented with the support of mobile cancer screening tool. Within the project we created a tool with a fully functional mammography device. Currently in 12 cities our breast cancer screening tool in our region began working. Mobile browsing through our women will do 4000 and scanning on a regular basis every year, 2,000 young women in our cities will be provided with education about breast cancer.

ECPC Membership

In 2006, we become a member of European Cancer Patients Coalition (ECPC). With the thanks of ECPC, our studies in Turkey take place in international area not only local and national . Thanks to ECPC, we had a chance to follow and join the devolopments about cancer treatments.

Oncology Life Center

We established the Oncology Life Center on the purpose of reintegrate youth people and children who are cancer into the society, increasing the level of their trust, acting to help for their self developing process and social life. Additionaly, there is the purpose of bringing people who have no cancer, families and children in awareness. There are three main aim of Oncology Life Center. 1- Developing Capacity and awareness. 2- Social, cultural and artistic activities. 3- Increasing the awareness of youth, children and their families. Oncology Life Center provides youth and children of Muş to gain their healty life routines, increases the social and individual capacity of people, provides in order not to isolate from the social life in the treatment process of youth and children who have cancer. So, this center provides a strong support to youth,children and families.

Together with Patients

In order to create solutions for your problems we are gathering with patients regularly and we discuss what should we do. With the patients who decide to beat cancer, we present solution advices in the days which are Universal Cancer Week, World Cancer Day

We provide establishing Cheomotherapy center in public hospital and early diagnosis center in Muş for people. We try to present people a quality life and people who have low income can treat in a quality settings . Also, we try to solve our patients problem by local and national media.

My cancer helped me to study in these field. I do not want to catch a cancer a lot. However, if I have no cancer, ı would not make these organizations. Sometimes, I thought that I praied to beat my illness in order not to die. I wish one chance to survive. Now, I am looking back, I can easily say that I caught cancer so as to be able to learn and teach struggling with cancer.

After my alone fight against to cancer, in order to provide not to feel alone cancer patients I entered into a process trying to protect women, children and youth against cancer. In association with the city where I live today in Muş, Turkey and the international area, and many other organizations have formed a wide network.

I worked in lots of organizations about struggling of cancer for 11 years. I said to cancer patients that I achieved and successed and everybody can achieve to beat if you believe strictly.

Cancer is a very dangerous and deadly illness and when a person take cancer diagnosis, his life becomes more diffucult than past. I hope that. Young, children and woman should pay attention their health.

Everyone can catch cancer. There are several reasons of catching cancer such as negative life conditions, malnourishment, tobacco, negative environmental factors.

In the past , being a cancer patient is more difficult than today and in today, people can experience more healthy life and live longer life. Because of these reasons, I try to teach young, children and woman not catching a cancer and I try to be a role model for cancer patients. I want that people won’t lose their hope and in every situation I want to hold on to life for all.

Cancer, the result of developments in medicine, becomes an illness which can be beaten. I am happy that people can achieve this.
“Together with Youth, a Better Life for Young People...”

Thank you for your attention.
Salih Yüce
Youth Accumulation Association



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